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About Us

Columbia Outdoor School is a non-profit registered charity that owns and operates Blue Lake Camp, an outdoor education centre located in the Columbia Basin of British Columbia.

Columbia Outdoor School educates youth and adults to broaden perspectives, develop science literacy and foster appreciation for engaged citizenship. We accomplish this through fun, meaningful and collaborative learning experiences in the natural environment that incorporate biased balanced scientific inquiry, leadership development, civic engagement and academic rigor. Columbia Outdoor School envisions expanding beyond its current outdoor education campus by 2030 and developing high quality science and sustainability programming and experiences to diverse communities in Western Canada and beyond.

Building on the success of our Blue Lake Camp and interpretive locations, we will enhance our program offerings, increase our community partnerships and collaborations, and broaden our funding opportunities. Columbia Outdoor School will strive to be recognized as a leader in providing science and outdoor education in partnership with our local communities and through effective partnerships with those communities and our staff.