Energy Economics

Energy Economics


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We are on a mission to provide people with power when and where they need it, with world-class workmanship and unparalleled customer service.

Based in Cranbrook, we serve the Kootenays and remote locations in British Columbia. We offer complete design and build solar solutions. With in-depth knowledge and experience of structural integration for both residential and commercial projects, we develop innovative solutions for our clients to help them experience solar.

We specialize in hybrid systems (microgrids), with solar panels and a back-up battery bank. You can be your own energy provider with the safety net of being connected to the electricity grid. A hybrid solar energy system can power an entire house with clean energy even when there is no sun.

We are building a community of micro-grids across the province – one home, one business at a time. They are strong, resilient, energy independent and sustainable.


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