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It is normal to experience a time in your life when you feel lost or wonder what to do next. Do you feel stuck in a repeating cycle that is not moving you forward? Are you experiencing feelings of sadness and/or anxiety and you want help coping with these feelings? If you are at a point in your life where you feel ready to make a change, I am offering an opportunity to move from a place of feeling “stuck” or “stagnant”, into a place of creating balance and personal power.
I offer private sessions at my office in Fort Steele, BC. I may also be able to accommodate online sessions. I am a trained herbalist and can offer plant medicine as an adjunct to talk therapy. Herbal sessions would take place as a separately billed session and only at your request.
I have learned that not only is it necessary to ask for help in our lives, it is a part of a healthy human experience. I have asked for help in my life and understand the courage it takes to do so.