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About Us

Inland is the dynamic leader in a competitive heavy-duty truck and equipment marketplace. For 70 years, our customers have relied on us for all their product and service needs. Inland is proud to be British Columbia’s exclusive dealer of Kenworth trucks, The World’s Best®. We also carry pre-owned trucks from all makes and models.

Inland is comprised of three successful business entities:
> Kenworth truck sales
> Construction and forestry equipment sales
> Kenworth truck leasing and rental
Each of these contributes in a unique way to the overall corporate health of the company. It is this close integration between them that has played a large role in Inland growing to over 1,200 employees and spanning from the Yukon in Canada’s North to California, Arizona and New Mexico in the South.

The origins of Inland date back to the late 1940s when founder Lloyd Parker launched Parker Pacific Equipment, selling US war surplus vehicles for use in Canada. Less than a decade later, Mr. Parker’s success led him to start Inland Kenworth, opening his first dealership in 1957. As one of the first Kenworth dealers in Canada, expectations from customers wanting a premium quality truck were high. Mr. Parker knew that and prepared himself and his staff to deliver.
Customer service focus brings rapid expansion. By the end of the 1960s, Inland had grown to 10 dealership locations, all following the integrity and customer service focus of Mr. Parker himself. The staff was treated well and many spent their entire career with Inland.
Grown on good value. Now, with more than 20 dealerships around North America, Inland is one of the oldest and largest Kenworth dealers in the world and we are the premier provider of heavy equipment in Western Canada. We value our long-standing relationship with Kenworth, which has played a key role in our growth and success since the late 1950’s.