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Miley's Mom has a service to meet your individual needs. Your program or plan will be as individualized as you and/or your dog. Miley's mom will do an assessment for you and/or your dog to make program or plan recommendations to help serve you the best and help you meet your goals. We can do training sessions at your home, park or other appropriate place depending on the needs and comfort level of you and your dog. For example, if your dog is protective of their home it may be best to start training in a park. However, if your dog gets overstimulated, anxious or reactive in busy settings we may want to start in your home or yard where your dog feels comfortable.
There is a common misconception that a dog trainer will train your dog for you when actually we train you to train your dog. This will help you and your dog build trust, respect and consistency, as well as have a plan for moving forward so that your dog doesn't revert or regress after I'm out of the picture.


  • Specializing in basic obedience, anxiety, fear and reactivity.
  • Specializing in service dog and emotional support dog training.
  • Program is designed to train humans to train their dogs so you're not always reliant on the trainer.
  • Program will work on the emotional and mental health of human and dog as well as physical training.


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