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About Us

In the early 1950s, Dr. William James Endicott’s Kootenay Society for Handicapped Children became the first of its kind in the region: a group advocating for inclusive community. This Society created chapters throughout the Kootenays, many of which became their own independent non- profits and societies.

Among these was the Cranbrook Society for Community Living. This family-driven Society formed in 1956 to advocate for the inclusion of their children with developmental differences. With time, this Society became as diverse in its service offerings as the individuals it supports.
Another of Dr. Endicott’s chapters developed into the Creston Society for Community Living. This Society began supporting adults with diverse abilities in 1956.

NEXUS represents the merging of these two Societies in 2021. United by a common purpose and a shared history, they combine their experience, resources, and reach to help people across the Kootenays live in inclusive communities. We are a registered charity that supports all people in the Kootenays to have connections for life. Our services provide support for living, work and community inclusion.