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About Us

Canada's largest western based Media company!
Pattison Media is a division of The Jim Pattison Group (JPG), a diversified holding company, with operations in over 100 countries worldwide. JPG was founded in 1961 by Jim ''Jimmy'' Pattison on three fundamental core values, Integrity, Quality and Customer Service. These qualities along with the values of Accountability, Collaboration and Innovation, drive Pattison Media's daily operations.

Specializing in creation and distribution of locally relevant content to Western Canadian audiences across radio, television and digital platforms. As passionate experts in the power of audio, video and digital media, our Wildly Talented Team creates outstanding content for our Western Canadian audiences.

Pattison Media helps businesses of all sizes invite engaged listeners, viewers, and readers to do business with them as they consume the media they love. From radio, streaming, television, online news to social media, search online and beyond.