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Exciting news from the Self-Advocates of the Rockies Group Society on the business side.
The group society officially became members for the Cranbrook Chamber of Commerce in August 2022.
In the picture, there are three employees who represent the group society for their conditional grant that they are working through CLBC and they are leaders to keep connections strong to other advocates around BC.
The employees representing the business for their group society are:
Sheila Neidig (Administrative Assistant), Kimberly Earl (Co-Executive Director & Host), & Jonathan Righton (Executive Director & Primary Administrator)''

SAOR or Self Advocates of the Rockies is a non profit organization and group of adults with diverse abilities from Cranbrook BC. We aim to empower others to use their voice. We promote inclusion by celebrating diversities.

SAOR is a non profit organization within the REALM (Realize Empowerment Access Life to the Maximum) and a branch organization that continues to provide opportunities and support for individuals looking for inclusion.


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