Yahk Soap & Candle Co Ltd. / Two Scoop Steve



About Us

In 2017 Bryce and Tammy sold their home in Cranbrook and purchased The Yahk Soap Shop and Two Scoop Steve in Yahk, BC.

They changed the name to The Yahk Soap and Candle Co and renovated Two Scoop Steve to include a small soup and Sandwich bar. In 2021 Bryce retired early, deciding that the business, as well as Tammy, needed his full time attention. They are happy to introduce for the summer of 2021 and the ongoing years - the addition of 10 000 sq ft Market Garden open to the public to purchase fresh grown vegetables as well! In addition to the garden, an outdoor grill and deep fryer were added to the property to serve up freshly grilled burgers and crispy fries. Yahk Soap & Candle Co along with Two Scoop Steve is a little piece of paradise and a must stop on your holidays!